The City of Kings

Created by Frank West

The City of Kings
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3,132 backers pledged £283,371.39 on Kickstarter

The City of Kings is a cooperative adventure for 1 - 4 heroes. You and up to three friends must try to reclaim the realms. Explore, gather, trade and customise your hero to prepare for battle!

Raised in Kickstarter
£283,371.39 / 3,132 backers
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£38,069.90 / 3,133 backers

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The Scorched
about 1 year ago – Fri, Apr 28, 2017 at 12:24:46 AM

When Vesh first gained his powers, he disappeared into the Cluwesh Depths and began to create a new army, a force of darkness. He only ever had one goal, to make his own Risen creatures...

No matter what he tried the creatures wouldn’t survive, until one day, when he was deep into the volcanic chambers that run beneath the lands. 6 giants formed from the rocks, creatures so tall that they made Earthshaker look like a Dwarf. Creatures so hot that their stone bodies melt anything they touch. So strong, that they can simply smash through castle walls and destroy anything in their way.

Vesh gave them just one command, destroy it all.

They are:

The Scorched


Our final stretch goal has been revealed, run, hide, find friends and try to survive.

Nothing can stop them.

The sun starts to set
about 1 year ago – Thu, Apr 27, 2017 at 01:07:09 AM

It has been a long adventure, and as the sun starts to set our heroes look for a place to rest.  

Little do they know just how terrifying the armies of Vesh have become, or what exactly they will need to do to defeat them.  


All they know is, there are a lot of stories to be written, encounters to be had and friends to be made.  

The campaign ends tomorrow and you have been my heroes, you have helped turned dreams into reality and I will forever be grateful.

I promise to make this game the best it can be and will get it to your tables as quickly as I can.

We have just over 24 hours left, there is so much more I want to give, spread the word, tell your friends and let’s just see how much more we can unlock.

The Okol | Quest unlocked: Oh! That’s the, umm.. hmm!
about 1 year ago – Tue, Apr 25, 2017 at 11:52:02 PM

Did you know it's world penguin day today? It seems rather fitting...

Stretch goals

Today we have unlocked 2 more stretch goals! So the Jamba and 2 more factions will be added to every game!

With just over 48 hours to go things are really starting to pick up, so what's next after the Orc?

  • £231,000 We will add 6 more stat bars to the game, creating even tougher creatures for you to fight.
  • £236,000 +1 equipment card (see the quest below!).
  • £242,000 +1 equipment card (see the quest below!).
  • £250,000 Another scenario will be added to the game.
  • £260,000 A new creature template and standee will be added to the game representing the Okol!

Quest unlocked: Oh! That’s the, umm.. hmm!

Every piece of equipment in The City of Kings tells a story, so for our final quest I would like to give you all the chance to name 2 equipment cards and to tell me your ideas for their stories.

Typically stories are 2 - 4 sentences long and describe the scene, explaining a historical event the item was a part of. Don't worry though, if you're not sure on what to write then you can just suggest a name!

At the end of the campaign we will look through the suggestions and if any of them feel like they would fit the world we will use them.

Best of luck!

Did someone say Orcs? (+ T'Lorra the Blessed!)
about 1 year ago – Mon, Apr 24, 2017 at 05:02:46 PM

We have just broken the £200,000 milestone, that’s a quarter of a million dollars…

Thank you. You've blown me away.

We are over 700% funded and things just keep on getting better! We have unlocked our 29th stretch goal which adds another scenario to the game and it wont be long until we add the Jamba too, so let’s look at what’s coming next:

£212,000: We will add 2 more factions to the game bringing the total up to 14.

£219,000: Constantine's Revenge will be added to the game!

£227,000: A new creature template and standee will be added to the game representing the Orcs!


Kickstarter live stream

Last night hundreds of you joined me for a 3.5 hour live stream where we talked through the game and answered a lot of questions, thanks to everyone who came along!

You can watch the stream here.

T'Lorra the Blessed

Driven by a holy fury, T’Lorra the Blessed is the last High Priestess of the flying Vadora who will stop at nothing to free her enslaved people from the terrors of Hoodrah Kelraz. Although outwardly calm and composed thanks to her years of meditation and prayer, T’Lorra has a passionate heart which burns with her love for the skies. Skilled in the Wind Dance – once a ceremonial martial art, T’Lorra has transformed it into a deadly whirling ballet of blades to make her a formidable fighter.

Tier 1 skills

Bonded (Passive)
Whenever you interact to draw 1 quest card, you may draw 1 extra quest card.

Eagle’s Rally (Passive)
If another hero is at your location (tile) then your basic attack gains +2.

Remove Curse (Heal)
Remove 1 curse token from 1 hero in range (including yourself).  

Defend (Passive)
Incoming basic attacks are reduced by 1.  

Tier 2 skills

Seer (Interact)
You may look at an adjacent tile without exploring it.  

Curse (Special)
Put 1 curse token on 1 creature in range.  

Wish (Heal + Move)
Move to a hero in range and then perform 1 basic heal, targeting the same hero.  

Stigmata (Heal)
Anytime: After a basic attack damages you, you may heal a hero in range.  

Tier 3 skills

Eagle’s Call (Special + Move)
Instantly move to another heroes location.  

Vengeful Prayer (Special + Transform)
Transform: You can no longer move. Whilst transformed your basic attacks do +50% damage.  

Soothing Words (Special)
Perform 1 basic heal.  

Wardstones (Special + Heal)
Put 3 weak wardstone tokens on 3 different tiles in range.

T'Lorra has many powerful defensive skills to reduce incoming damage and perform reactive heals but she's also a powerful fighter.

Would you prefer to bond with survivors and help them with extra side quests or learn to defend yourself?

Will you use soothing words to keep your allies alive or cast a vengeful prayer on your enemies?

Which of T’Lorra’s skills will you choose?

Live today & Thralir
about 1 year ago – Mon, Apr 24, 2017 at 12:12:07 AM

In just a few hours time I will be going live on our Kickstarter campaign page to answer any questions you might have and to walk you through the game.

You can join me here at 18:00 BST | 13:00 ET.

The cooperative adventure

For the past 10 days we have been adventuring across Facebook, Twitter, Board Game Geek and Kickstarter, and have uncovered 32 of the 56 cards.

It's time for the final turn and we must see whether Earthshaker can save the day.

Every comment on this update will move Earthshaker 1 space, you will need to keep track of where he is (good luck!) and in 24 hours time I will reveal the final positioning.

So, up, right or left, who wants to go first?

 Each person may only vote once.

Thralir Hillfeet

A ferocious fighter armed with his family warhammer, the diminutive Thralir Hilfeet must fight with his eyes shut during the day; but that doesn’t seem to stop him being just as deadly! The dwarven King had never seen the sun before Vesh’s invasion of Flintrock, spending his entire life underground as one of the brave Deep Delvers, but after seeing 280 of his kin die when Vesh broke the walls of his home he fought his way clear and leads what is left of his shattered people.


Tier 1 skills

Ice Blast (Interact)
Remove up to 2 fire tokens from tiles within range.

Pitfighter (Passive)
When your hero is on a mine tile your basic attack does +3.

Remove Curse (Heal)
Remove 1 curse token from 1 hero in range (including yourself).

Stony Curse (Special)
Place a -1 heal token on 1 creature in range.

Tier 2 skills

Guildmaster (Special)
Draw 1 item card and add it to the Trade District.

Fire Bolt (Special)
Place 1 weak fire token on a tile in range.

Scroll of Defiance (Special)
Restore 3 health to all heroes in range (including yourself).

Berserk (Attack)
Anytime: After a basic attack damages you, you may attack 1 creature in range.

Tier 3 skills

Quartermaster (Passive)
Instantly spend 5 stats on your workers. You may increase any worker stats in any combination.

Red Hot (Passive)
Your basic attack does 50% extra damage to creatures on a tile with a fire token.

Wave of Sanctity (Special + Heal)
Heal all characters between you and your target, including you and your target.

Iron Hide (Passive)
When you are in range of 2 or more creatures, incoming basic attacks are reduced by 5.  

Thralir is a master of fire, workers and trading, but he’s also a powerful group healer and terrifying when he goes berserk!

Would you prefer to fight in the pits using range and positioning to your advantage or place a stony curse on your enemies?

Will you fill the Trade District with endless options or keep your entire team alive?

Which of Thralir’s skills will you choose?